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Digital Volunteers

is a union of people and organizations that coordinate and offer digital solutions to support volunteers´ efforts to help those in need.

Our aim

is to help people affected by war and to facilitate the work of volunteers. All decisions and progress of projects should be judged against the purpose of DV, not personal interests.


we do not incite national hatred, we do not engage in political actions, and we do not supply arms or dual-use goods.

Hierarchy vs. Agility

we operate according to the principle of equality and self-organisation, for administrative matters and official partnerships Digitalista e.V. was established.

Openness and transparency

internally and externally: we work according to the open-source principle to share information, IT solutions, and developments with as many people as possible; internally, we strive for transparency and maximum feedback.

Our Projects

We have several projects run by our members and partner teams, mainly focused on information aggregation, Telegram solutions, visualizing data, and facilitating networking. We also gather information on other significant projects in fields like matching solutions, apps, offline help, etc. so that we could better see and fulfil the potential for synergy.

Tools for volunteers

How-to guides for Telegram group management and ready-made customizable templates for information hand-outs.

Knowledge base (Wiki)

Community-created knowledge base for Ukrainian refugees. The base also contains chapters for volunteers.

470.000 users


Easy location-based visualized access to the most important things a refugee may urgently need before getting settled.

Over 2.000.000 views


A family of city-adjustable chatbots, which can answer users’ questions in Telegram groups based on prepared sets of keywords and answers, reducing the burden on administrators.

17 cities launched


Creating horizontal connections for active experience exchange between the local chats admins and information flow between the regions receiving refugees.

40 Local chats admins with a total audience of >70.000 members
31 Regional arrival volunteers in 14 cities

  • Local chats admins
  • Volunteers arrivals


YouTube and TikTok channels with videos covering the most relevant topics for Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

9.160 subscribers
120 videos

41.200 subscribers

Our team

Most of the work done by digital volunteers remains unnamed, but behind every product, there is a particular person who worked hard in their free time to get the project further. Our projects have brought together a huge number of people of different nationalities from different countries, both representatives of various NGOs and individual volunteers. THANK YOU! ❤️

58 Wiki editors, 487 link collectors, 50 local coordinators, 20 IT and design professionals

Our partners

All of the projects we participate in are aimed at connecting people, sharing information, and helping each other. We share ideas, resources, and support. We are very grateful to all of our partners, without whom none of our projects would exist.

Contact Us

Have questions or need help? Use the form to reach out and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer on personal requests for help 🙁
К сожалению мы не можем отвечать на персональные запросы о помощи.

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